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Increasing Your Home's Value

If you're thinking of selling a home in the Triangle, you likely want to be able to list your home at as high a price as possible. And while costly improvements and upgrades can certainly increase your home's selling price, they might cost you more than you're getting in return! The best way to get top dollar for your home is to stick with minor, low-cost improvements and updates and focus on the features buyers most like to see in homes. Here are some tips for increasing your home's value—without breaking the bank.

Make repairs & fixes first

Before you launch into any major improvement projects, consider whether or not there are any problem spots in your home. You know, that leaky faucet, the squeaking stair, the missing shingle from the roof... The last thing you want is to deter a buyer because of a small maintenance issue or fix.


A little fresh paint can go a long way to making a home look brighter, cleaner, and newer. New paint can cover up stains, smudges, scratches, and even dings. Plus, changing up your color scheme can definitely improve the lighting and even the overall feel of a room. Just keep in mind that neutral colors will appeal to the greatest number of buyers.

Replace fixtures & hardware

Another simple fix? Replacing dingy old doorknobs, drawer pulls, and sink fixtures. They might seem like small details, but they can actually go a long way to giving your home fresher, more modern look.

Do some landscaping

Many sellers focus their home improvements strickly on the inside of their homes, but skipping outdoor improvements can be a major oversight! Simple things like seeding and watering your lawn, planting some flowers, trimming hedges, or even power washing your siding can brighten up your home—and majorly boost your curb appeal.

Increase lighting

Open the windows and let in the light! Most buyers aren't looking for dark and dreary rooms, so welcome that natural lighting. For rooms that don't see a lot of natural light, consider increasing the wattage in bulbs, or even adding more light fixtures, even if that just means a table or standing lamp.

Concentrate on kitchen & baths

Kitchens and baths sell homes! If you're going to make larger updates or improvements on any area of your home, pick one of these. And you don't have to completely renovate to make big changes. Consider replacing countertops and flooring. In your kitchen, resurfacing or painting cupboards can bring new life (and new color) into your kitchen. New appliances are more costly, but can yield big results. In your bathroom, replacing your vanity actually isn't as difficult or costly as it might seem, but even recaulking your tub can make a difference.

Got Home Improvement Questions?

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