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Johnston County Public Schools

Top Performing Schools

Elementary Schools

  • Cleveland Elementary
  • Powhatan Elementary
  • Riverwood Elementary
  • River Dell Elementary
  • Glendale-Kenly Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Cleveland Middle
  • Riverwood Middle
  • Meadow School
  • Archer Lodge Middle
  • McGee’s Crossroads Middle

High Schools

  • JC Early College Academy
  • JC Middle College High School
  • Corinth Holders High
  • Cleveland High
  • Clayton High

Career & College Readiness

Career & College Readiness

Career & College Promise: Allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes at JCC, many times earning dual credit for both college and high school.

Career & Technical Education: Allows students to begin a certificate or diploma program at JCC.

Innovative High School Programs: JCPS offers alternatives to traditional high school education, including options for smaller class sizes, studies in specific careers or areas of interest, and more rigorous studies.

Other Programs

Academically or Intellectually Gifted Program (AIG): Offers advanced curricula to empower students to become innovative learned, creative problem solvers, and powerful communicators.

ESL: Designed to ensure that all speakers of other languages attain high levels of proficiency in English.

Athletic Programs

Athletic Programs & Sports

Not for nothing is Johnston County Public Schools known as one of the top districts in the state for sports! JCPS offers a wide range of sports activities and programs for students of all ages.

At the high school level, sports programs offered include: tennis, golf, soccer, basketball, wrestling, football, volleyball, softball, baseball, swimming, cross country, track, cheer and dance, gymnastics, and more.

Top WCPSS Schools Extracurricular Programs

Clubs & Interest Groups

Each school of JCPS offers its own unique variety of clubs, organizations, and extracurricular programs. These may include art and music clubs, such as theatre or band, academic groups, such as DECA or Spanish Club, or simply special interest groups, like Book Club or Anime Manga Club. For a complete list of programs offered, check each school’s individual website.

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