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Wake County Public Schools

Top Performing Schools

Elementary Schools

  • Davis Drive Elementary
  • Mills Park Elementary
  • Green Hope Elementary
  • Morrisville Elementary
  • Holly Springs Elementary

Middle Schools

  • Davis Drive Middle
  • Mills Park Middle
  • Apex Middle
  • Lufkin Road Middle
  • Salem Middle

High Schools

  • Green Hope High
  • Panther Creek High
  • Heritage High
  • Wake Early College of Health & Sciences

Magnet School Programs

Magnet School Programs & Themes

Leadership & Technology: Gives students active, project-based learning and real-world incorporation.

Gifted & Talented: Students explore a wide variety of classes designed to develop strengths and interests.

International Baccalaureate: An internationally recognized program offered in 140 countries that helps students develop international understanding. WCPSS offers programs for Primary Years, Middle Years, and the Diploma Programme.

Language Immersion/Global Studies: Students develop English and a second language (Spanish or Chinese).

Top WCPSS Schools Year-Round Schools

What is a Year-Round School?

Students in "year-round" schools still attend school for 180 days a year. It's just broken up a bit differently. Instead of a long school session followed by a long summer, year-round schools are divided up into 9-week quarters with a 3-week break between each quarter.

The way WCPSS does it, each student is assigned to one of four "tracks" and attend school for 45 days when "tracked in". Then, after 45 days, they are "tracked out" for 15 days. Some WCPSS schools are "multitrack", which means that three of the four tracks will be in while one is out. This allows for more students to attend the same school without overcrowding.

Early College Programs

Early College Programs

Wake County College of Health and Sciences: Students explore careers in health and science and have the opportunity to earn credits towards an Associate Degree

Wake STEM Early College: This joint projects between WCPSS and North Carolina State University allows students the opportunity to take high school courses and college courses over the course of five years.

Vernon Malone College and Career Academy: WCPSS, Wake Technical Community College, and Wake County Government partner to provide seven Career & Technical Education programs, giving students the chance to work towards an Associate of Applied Science.

North Wake College and Career Academy: Wake Technical Community College and Wake County Government partner to provide five career fields in Culinary Arts, Business Administration, IT/Tech, Early Childhood Education, and EMS.

Crossroads Flex

Crossroads Flex Programs

For students whose outside interest and activities require a significant amount of time during the school day, Crossroads Flex allows for more flexible scheduling with a blend of online and in-person learning. This is especially beneficial to students involved in competitive sports, or who have full work schedules or family commitments.

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